Here are some FAQs we get asked – you can also find out more about our order process here and if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us

Click on the ‘Shop’ tab above to either enter the shop page or the tab has a drop down menu where you can explore our many styles of Keepsake Jewellery.

There are options to choose what you would like to be included in your keepsake. If you do not want a certain option just leave it blank. all other options selected automatically alter your keepsake price if there is a charge to add for that particular option making your customisation process go as smoothly as possible. If you have a query about any of the ordering process you can’t see answered here or you would like to further customise your keepsake then you can contact Forever Nurtured here for a chat..

Once you have checked out and paid for your keepsake(s) I will post you out a pack which will contains storage items to send your inclusions to me which will be labelled with your order number. Please re-use the box they come in if it isn’t damaged. Please ensure the correct postage is used and if you are overseas that a CN22 form is completed and attached to your parcel.

I need at least 5ml of breast milk, an optimum amount is 30ml, 2 tablespoons. Any I don’t use I will store for 3 months unless you would like to receive it back which I will gladly facilitate for the cost of postage.

Milk can be fresh or previously frozen for years. Breast Milk needs to be thawed to send if previously frozen. High lipase milk is also fine to use for breast milk jewellery.

The amount for each other inclusions required:

Ashes – 1 teaspoon

Umbilical cord – 1 stump

Encapsulated Placenta – 1 – 2 capsules

Hair – A good pinch approximately 3cm long.

Any of the dried inclusions that are not used will be returned with your jewellery.

Breast milk has amazing properties enabling it to keep and travel very well, I wouldnt love my work as much as I do if I was working with unpleasant smells.

The time it takes to complete your order will depend on the amount of orders I have to complete at one time. An estimate of how long it is currently taking me to process and create orders can be found on the Home Page under ‘Expected Completion Time’. *Please note this is the approximate time to complete one item, multiple items will take longer.* The exception to the Expected Completetion Time is the Delix ring which takes approximately 6 weeks to make as it is sourced from a silversmith who completely hand-makes the setting.

What reason do I have for it not to be? A lot of what you purchase is based on trust, food, prescriptions, diamonds….I know breast milk jewellery has a lot more attached to them than these examples but all I can honestly say is that it is your milk, hair, ashes, umbi or placenta. I pride myself on my integrity and I hope you can trust me to create wonderful keepsakes with your precious memories.

Absolutely! If you write on the order notes this is what you would like so I know your providing more hair. The cost remains the same unless you require 2 lots of breast milk which is an additional £30.

Do you have different samples of breast milk from your breastfeeding journey that you would like to include in your keepsake? This could be samples from feeding different children or samples from the different stages of feeding one child such as including colostrum and say breast milk from 6 months of feeding. If you would like to include both samples of milk then an additional charge is added for the preservation work and time needed for both samples.

Unfortunately many people have been the victim of Breast Milk Keepsakes that have discoloured. Prior to the opening of Forever Nurtured I spent a long time developing and testing my method of creating Breast Milk inclusions to ensure I was providing a service that was legitimate and would bring joy to my customers. My keepsakes that I have created from many marvellous Mama’s precious Breast Milk have not discoloured over time. I hope they will continue to remain as they are. It would make me terribly sad for one of my Breast Milk Keepsakes to discolour and I would not want that sadness for any of my customers either.

To a certain extent, yes. However, mother nature often plays a part in creating keepsake jewellery, if hair naturally curls then I cant make it straight. Ashes can be coloured but the natural colouring of all the inclusions used will cause variations. If you would like your keepsake a certain way please use the ‘Notes’ text box on the items options list to tell me how you would like your keepsake to be.

If you type sizer into the ring size option of your chosen keepsake ring then I can send you a ring sizer in your pack so you can check your size.

All the mama beads have the same sized hole, 5mm. They all fit on bracelets such as Pandora, Chamilia and Troll beads.
The size of the beads are as follows:
Small: 14x7mm
Medium: 16x8mm
Large: 15x10mm

Yes you can. However, please bear in mind that keepsake jewellery is made from plastic resin which has a few care requirements which are as follows:

  • Please do not submerge your keepsake in water or shower with your jewellery on, resin is water resistant but not waterproof so water will damage your keepsake.
  • Please do not expose your keepsake to direct sunlight or UV light e.g sunbeds.
  • Please do not expose you keepsake to chemicals or perfumes and lotions.
  • Please do not expose your keepsake to high temperatures.
  • Please try to avoid hard knocks to your jewellery some pieces have a thin layer of resin and may chip if knocked.

To clean your jewellery please use the blue soft non abrasive cloth provided, the silver polishing cloth is for the metal and is fantastic for bringing out the shine on your sterling silver and 9ct gold attachments but please do not use this on the resin part of your keepsake.

Yes! You can find gift vouchers here

Yes please contact me using this form so I can arrange a custom order with you.

Yes, I am always happy to help create the perfect keepsake for you. Please contact me using this form so I can arrange a custom order with you.

Unfortunately we dont, as white gold needs to be treated to keep it white, your keepsake would be destroyed in this process.

I can and am happy to restore your keepsake to its original glory. Please do contact me here so we can discuss your repair.