Hello! Welcome to Forever Nurtured.

I thought I would introduce myself and tell you a bit about how Forever Nurtured came to be.

My name is Sam, Mama of three, jewellery, breastfeeding and keepsake enthusiast.

Forever Nurtured started because of my breast feeding journey. Like many others, our breast feeding journey has not been a straight forward one. Back in 2009 I had my first baby. When I became pregnant I remember I always wanted to breast feed. It made so much sense to us, we wanted that chance to continue nourishing our baby as naturally as we could.

Five years later we were pregnant with our second child. I was determined for our experience to be different. We hired our doula, I surrounded myself with knowledgeable people so we had the support we needed. We then went on to feed for four years. We are now on our third and final breast feeding journey. We have battled through the cracked nipples, the mastitis and the supply issues together. The bond we have with our children’s is forever bound with wonderful breast feeding memories both joyous and tough. We have made it through it all and it is absolutely worth celebrating.

Back in 2014, when I just had my second child. I came across breast milk jewellery and I was fascinated. I was already a self employed jeweller creating personalised pieces so naturally my curiosity lead me to try make my own breast milk keepsake. I spent over a year finding and testing the right method of preservation. I used my own milk and some wonderful parents kindly donated their milk too. I patiently waited to ensure it did not spoil and there began my keepsake-making journey with Forever Nurtured. Since then we’ve expanded our family, our memories and my keepsake collection

Seven years on, I continue to create many keepsakes celebrating the many journeys taken by people through life and through death. Forever Nurtured now includes many other types of keepsakes including lock of hair, ashes, umbilical cord, dried placenta and inclusions from their pets like fur, reptile shed and even hedgehog spines. If there is something you would like including in a keepsake, I am always open to custom pieces. If I can help, I will. I have helped people chose their keepsakes when they have lost their children, family members, friends and their pets. All keepsakes need to be right for you so please do feel free to contact me for a chat about how I can help you with your vision. I understand that these pieces mean so much to people, theyre so much more than jewellery.

It is an honour to be entrusted to create keepsakes with your precious memories for you to treasure for years to come.